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Registration for the Education of Medical students and Residents:

       Registration fee for TelemedEdu, USA, Inc. shall be $2000.00/year. Renewal fee shall be $2000.00/year. There is a supplementary charge for the usage of the videos, i.e. $5.00 per one time solitary usage of the video. The client shall be invoiced each month concerning the usage of the videos and the money shall be electronically transmitted to TelemedEdu, USA, Inc.

This registration includes access to the following educational projects.

  •        1.) Monographs in Clinical Diagnosis, Volume I, Family and Community Medicine

  •        2.) Monographs in Clinical Diagnosis, Volume II, Obstetrics & Gynecology

  •        3.) Monographs in clinical Diagnosis, Volume III, Telehealth and Artificial Intelligence

    •                 i) Symposium on Telemedicine-cloud: Innovations in Healthcare and Medical Education
    •                ii) Symposium on Artificial Intelligence: Diagnosis of Disease (scheduled in 2021)
    •               iii) Audio-Videos
  •        4.) The following three text books for the training of the Medical Residents & Fellows:

    •                 i) Diagnostic Hemoglobinopathies: Laboratory Methods and Case Studies, Zia Uddin, PhD, 2nd Edition, August 2015
    •                ii) Protein Electrophoresis, Immunofixation and Immunodisplacement in Clinical Diagnosis, Zia Uddin, PhD, and Christopher R. McCudden, PhD, 2nd Edition
    •               iii) Comparison of Agarose Gel Serum Protein Electrophoresis: Immunifixation with Capillary Electrophoresis and Immunotyping, Zia Uddin, PhD, 2nd Edition

Signing Authority:

Payment Details:

After registration is complete, please sign-in and make payment using credit card or send a cashiers check or bank draft for $2000.00 (one thousand US dollars) in the name of 'TelemedEdu USA, Inc.' and mail it to the address 223 Paragon Ave, Troy, Michigan - 48098, USA. The cashiers check or bank draft must be drawn via a USA bank.

Input symbols

  • Note: The client shall be provided only after the registration step, the name, telephone and e-mail of the technical person of the customer service.